Immersive Atlanta Triple Threat Features "Stay Low"

The narcotic stumble and slur that courses through “Stay Low,” the new single from Atlanta trio Trash Panda, is a thing of eccentric grace, a tightrope walk across an elastic string of a groove that yanks, slides, and pulls, but never snaps. The chorus it feeds into is more immediately thrilling to be sure, an ecstatic surge of effusive pop and vintage rock, but those gleaming heights wouldn’t be the same without the magnetic journey it takes to get there. Indeed, there’s a warm, almost cockeyed energy that hovers throughout the song, ingraining itself into each indelible hook. That sort of radiant aura has become a staple of InCrowd co-founder and producer Randy Michael (Mattiel, Black Linen), who captured the single live-to-tape. In the process, the threesome were able to strip away some of their usual embellishments, leading to one of their most compelling efforts yet. – Guillermo Castro


Patrick Taylor