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Short Bio

Trash Panda is a new and rapidly rising band from Atlanta, ga. After the successful release of their debut EP, Off, which charted their third single “Giuseppe” to number 2 on both Spotify’s US and Global Viral charts (making it just below the weeknd's "starboy"), it was evident Trash Panda had created something new and fresh. The Off EP came into being in the minds of Patrick Taylor and Mitch Standfield in summer of 2016 adding Max Hewett on soon after to complete the trio. The band is known for their DIY attitude and their insistence upon home-recording and their new LP is no exception. It was recorded in a house lovingly dubbed “the treehouse” just north of Atlanta, where the band exercises its belief in capturing good energy over technical perfection. Over a million plays on Spotify later, the band has finished recording a new record blending together psychedelic rock and indie, even soulful sensibilities with nonchalance and a rebellious spirit sometimes fusing punk and soul in an off alchemy of ferociousness and stoned malaise. Their live show at one moment can be aggressive and wild and transfuse to a calm, hip-shaking spacey groove.


"The Starclimber came into existence long before we were a band. Long ago, the great philosophers stared into the night sky with wonder as to where we came from and where we are going. We still ask ourselves these questions, and the mysterious answers have only retreated further into the distance. What is the Starclimber? In short, a mind full of questions and curiosity. A Starclimber is a journeyer on the unending search for the beginning and the end, and as our little planet crawls through space, as each of the innumerable stars possesses its own planets and perhaps its own persons, the Starclimber is content only when pushing further out and further into the microsmic mind which each of us possesses. As an album, the Starclimber moves between polarities: Celestial grandiosity and earthy muckabout. The heights of bliss and the depths of depression and madness. The confusion of life and the humor to be found in its foibles. The Starclimber is all-inclusive and unsterilized. It contains the germ of what is great, and possesses the smallness of human error."

The inscription on its inside cover reads: 

The Starclimber
The endeavor of evolution
The telos of eschatological time

We grovel in the dirt
But we aspire to the cosmos

What keeps us reaching?
Why follow a story arch longer
Than a single life?
Or for that matter,
Longer than an unfathomable
Multitude of lives?

If the microcosm holds,
Each life is the answer
And is built into the answer

Each life grafted into the
Tree of being.

Let that vast organism
Sort out what is nutritive
From what is deadly

See you on the other side.