Trash Panda

Out in the world

Trash Panda is a new and rapidly rising band from Atlanta.  After several high-energy, high-impact shows (including one sold out with a line out the door at Smith's Olde Bar) and the release of their first EP, "Off," quickly accruing over a million plays on Spotify, the band is busy creating a new record of 12 songs.  They tie together psychedelic rock and indie, even soulful sensibilities with nonchalance and a rebellious spirit, sometimes fusing punk and soul in an odd alchemy of ferociousness and stoned malaise.  The show can at one moment be aggressive and wild and at the next calm to hip-shaking spacey groove.  See the link to "TP News" at the bottom of the page for press on the band. 


The Off EP came into being in the minds of Patrick Taylor and Mitch Standfield in the summer of 2016.  By fall it was recorded (at home, self-produced) and released.  Max Hewett was added to the band to complete the trio.  Sortly thereafter, Spotify selected "Giuseppe" for their fresh finds playlist; it exploded, making it to number 2 on both Spotify's US and Global Most Viral charts.   Now with half a million plays and licensing interest, Trash Panda is ready to rise.  

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The band's first two music videos (also self-produced).